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Bee Bread-The most perfect and complete nutrient in the world

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Some of the benefits of bee bread

Natural anti histamine, prevent allergy and anti- allergic, natural anti- cancer, a rich source for vitamins, minerals, and natural amino acids, natural energizer, boosts body’s energy and activity, improves and rejuvenate the glands, body cells and skin, dispose of bad cholesterol,protects blood veins and reduce vein varicose, improves the work pf prostrate, helps the body to produce antibiotics to fight diseases, helps the liver to discharge toxics and increase the activity and sexual appeal and restore the function of ovary and activate the hormones which boosts the process of fertilization and pregnancy.

Mode of Use

Add to any natural juice, milk, fresh yogurt, or splash on honey, or spread on bread or toast, or splash over fresh green salad, fruits, or put over sandwiches, or over different pies. Some prefers to take direct 1 or 2 spoons per day.

The most perfect and complete nutrient in the world

   It was commonly believed that, meaning of the word “syrup” in the holy Quran verse “a syrup of different color has a cure for persons”, is definitely means “ honey”, due to its different colors, such as, white, yellow or dark color, according to the source of nectar. Honey is the most nutrient-rich food, produced by bees, that human can intake.

   Then no sooner said than done, man discovered honey wax which is produced as liquid first then it is transformed to wax.

   Thereaftere, man discovered the popular resin - like propolis, gathered by the bees, It is the secret to protect beehive against all health risks whether from weather, environment or from bacteria. It prevents multiplication of any harmful organism or bodies in the beehive. In this way the benefits excels and exceeds any human-made antibiotic and in the same time, it boosts and support beehive’s immunity force. Ancient people used to consume propolis to boost human immunity.

   Then, man discovered honey poison and its great benefits for human if it has contained or used in human medication.

   Then, man discovered” pollen grains” which is gathered by bees from the middle of the followers and made some changes and adding some enzymes to it, to transform pollen grains into a very nutrient food full of enzymes, vitamins, sodium and proteins which protect human health and activity for a long period of time if continuously be taken.

   Then, man discovered the secrets behind the power and double-size of queen bee, and its power to lead the kingdom of bees in prefect manner. Man found that the secret is hidden a white-colored sour-taste drops of nutrient made by bees from nature in a heavenly combination. Human are incapable to create such nutrient, even incapable to count its ingredients and know its secrets. Many royal families, kings and wealthy men worldwide enjoyed its unique and delicious taste besides its expensive price before honey harvesting, then to find a technology to produce royal nutrient.

   Now, a new bee-product Bee Bread is discovered, as truly named by the faculties of pharmacies as “the perfect and complete nutrient in the whole world” where all the above mentioned products is gathered and combined by bees with amazing multi-ingredients to form a unique heavenly paste stored inside beehives to feed its youngsters. Therefore bees are very keen and careful to make this food as perfect as they can and to provide the youngsters of bees the necessary nutrient for growth. It is considered one of the best natural nutrient resources rich with useful microbes (propotic) and proteins in its simplest and digestive, absorptive and metabolic form, since it contains proteins, free ammonia acids and vitamins such as,Vitamin B and folic acid 40% approximately of its ingredients.

Bee Bread contains many nutrient elements which are not found in the other animal nutrient products, where Bee Bread is more richer in proteins than other animal source, and contains amino acids more than beef meat or eggs or cheese and it is found in the form of free amino acids ready for direct use by the body. It is very important to know that, one bee needs 8 hours work per day for one month to gather such an amount of one teaspoon of flower pollen grains and this portion contain more than two and half billions flower pollen grains on which the bee secrets enzymes to transfer to a complete nutrient for bees. Therefore we can explain the holy verse of Quran a “syrup of different colors” means various types and divisions to include all the said products in addition to that cure feature is applied to l these products.


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